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Top Three Reasons Why You Are Not Able to Find and Lead your Vocation

If you are like many people, you are yet to live your vocation, that one simple thing that you had always dreamt of doing from when you were a child growing up Maybe you do not know what happened somewhere along the way and you found yourself doing a job just so you can foot your basic needs. But when your inner kid lives on and you still want to pursue that which you have always wanted, what could be holding you back? It is important to mention that having a vocation is more than meeting your basic obligations and making a living. The best thing about pursuing your vacation is the fact that you can still make money in the process even as you work on that one thing that you have always wanted to do in life. Here are some of the reasons that could justify your being in the same stagnant position despite your inner calling.

One of the reasons could be you haven’t gained enough life experience to make you want to pursue that dream that lingers on. There is always some degree of life experience that will catapult you into finding that one thing that will make you discover and fulfill your vocation. Read any website online today, and you will discover more reasons as to why life experience gives you a whole new perspective and reason to pursue your calling towards your vocation.

You are probably not living your vocation because you have no mentor to guide you through the process. A simple description of a mentor is an individual who has walked the path that you want to walk and will be there to hold your hand and guide you in the process. A good mentor can even have a look at your skills and suggest an alternative path that will place you at a strategic position to fulfill your vocation. A mentor can also help share ideas which you can work on with time towards your calling to a vocation. You can rest assured no info. On any website will tell you just how critical of a role a mentor plays in your journey to your calling. .

It could also be you are not living a life towards your vocation because your expectations are way too high. It is true you have known how to get your high school transcript, but do you know how to leverage it and build relevant networks? The other thing you have to know that it takes many years of hard works, research and valuable networks within your area of focus. And when all is said and done, you should learn how you can create true value for other people, particularly those within your network.