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Equality Quotes with Which to Brighten Your Day

Of late, people have turned many corners in regard to gender, racial and equality, causing the crime rate to hike. It makes it essential to promote equality and unity. Explained below are some inspirational quotes on equality that will help you to fight a good fight.

Michelle Obama says how crucial it is to keep in mind that diversity has been and is going to remain the wellspring of strength and pride. Michelle Obama says that the United States has a range of cultures and this diversity only causes America to be a more vibrant place for people to live and should be taken as a source of pride.

Harvey Milk says it does not involve compromise in giving people their rights and that no money is involved in respecting the people. He adds that it does not also take political deal giving people their freedom and no survey is needed to remove repression.

Sheryl Sandberg says that it is essential for women to be given even the topmost levels so that there can be a reshape in conversations, change in the dynamic, ensuring that we do not only hear but pay attention to the voice of women as opposed to overlooking and ignoring them.

Susan B. Anthony says that equality implies nothing more and nothing less. A number of men is afraid of matters concerning feminism due to their lack of knowledge of what it means. However, feminism not about women taking over and make man smaller, it is about equality.

Desmond Tutus quote says of how amazing it is for God to have made us all in His image and that there is a wide range of diversity. Some people justify themselves for showing disparity to others by using their religious beliefs but this quote gives a summary of everything.

Malala Yousafzai utters these words, I never speak for my own but the individuals who have no voice, the individuals that have strived for their rights to live peacefully, their right for fair treatment, their right to education, the right to having equal opportunities.

Barrack Obama says we should not forget that we are a part of one family that is united in common values including belief in equality, respect for public order, and the right to protest peacefully.

Ellen Degeneres says that values such as equality, kindness, compassion, helping the people in need as well as treating others at par with how you would expect to be treated are values we should forever embrace.

Maya Angelou says diversity makes an amazing tapestry whose threads are similar in value no matter the color they display.