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How to Control the Outcome of a Rolled Dice

Dice have always bee seen as the best way to let chance decide how things shall turn out. We know that dice cannot give a predetermined outcome to any event. This may not be the case, since there is a chance you can influence the outcome. Here are several ways you can make sure you get the results you want.
Dice have sustained their applications of the concept of chance due to the fact that they are balanced. This is because you shall not find any size having any form of bias. As much as each of the six faces shall have different number of dots or pips on them, they are insignificant enough to leave it balanced. You shall see a variety of dice on this website. If you find a way to shift the dies center of gravity, you shall upset that balance to your favor. Be careful where you apply these tactics. There are gambling establishments were using modified dice could lead to prosecution. These are some of those tricks you can apply.
You could work with loaded dice. Such dice have one-sided much heavier than the others. When it is cast, it shall always rest on the heavier side. There is the option to buy one, or to make it yourself. You will find more info about the steps here.
You can also melt the dice. You will not have to go through all the loading trouble. Melting shall cause the weight to shift. You will need to place the dice in a pre-heated oven, with the desired number facing up. You need to watch how it happens. The melting plastic shall move to the bottom to make it heavier but leave no visible changes.
There is also the variable-load dice. You will need to avoid using a fixed load dice as it will keep giving you the same results. When other players notice, you shall be in trouble. This dice allows for shifts in the weight without affecting its outside structure. It shall call for you to use paraffin wax as the load. It calls for you to drill out the insides of the dice and fill it with wax. You can then melt it with the heat from tour hands and shift the weight before rolling. It shall be what will appear at the top after you roll.
You may also bowl the dice. This takes on a simple approach since there is no manipulating the dice. It is best for preventing a certain number. There is still the element of chance left. You need to make sure the undesired number is to the side before you bowl the dice. When you roll it in that wheel motion, the numbers to the side will not be among the outcomes.
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