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Bangalore: A Magical City

Bangalore is one of the largest and more populated cities in India. It has plenty of attractions, like the large buildings in interesting shapes and statues carved in intricate detail. You therefore need to visit the city in one of the many festivals held all year round. When you participate in such a rich cultural events, you shall have an experience to always remember. Here are some of the festivals you need to think of attending.
Karaga is one of the most revered events and one of the pioneering ones. It is held in March or April, and lasts for nine days. The name comes from the tall and decorated pyramid a person chosen as a symbol of the event shall carry through the city. You need to learn more about it if you want to become a part of it.
You can also go for Kadalekai Parishe, which is a two day event in November. It is another major event, in which they celebrate the harvest of the first crop of groundnuts of the year. It is always a happy occasion when people get to enjoy their bountiful harvest. You shall also witness the Bull Temple decorated with beautiful lamps. This is what will add to the color of the experience.
Habba is a great time for artists to show off their talents held each end year. You will get to see so many dance performances, drama enactments, and all manner of paintings in the city. There are free admissions for everyone, which adds to its appeal.
Ugadi is the event when people mark a new chapter in their lives. It happens in March or April, when people get to reflect on their lives and make some changes in it going forth. The event shall start with a cleansing bath followed by celebrations through the day. Throughout the day, you shall get to partake in things such as giving to charity, partaking in special food, gifting each other, and visiting temples.
Makara shall be when the start of Spring and the harvest season are celebrated, and they fall in January. It is a time for thanksgiving and renewal. Anything you do not need is taken out and burnt in a bonfire, to pave the way for the new.
Diwali is marked with bright colors and excitement, in November. There shall be firecrackers lit all over the city.
You can head to this site to discover more festivals in the city. Bangalore presents so many things for you to do and see. You will feel the magic when you are there for these events. There shall be more info here to help you in your planning.