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Guide to Tort Law
It is essential to note the tort law deals with personal injuries and grievances. You will be compensated for the injuries sustained when you sue a person or a company that cause them. It is essential to note that torts cannot lead to jail. In this case, the person or company sued has to compensate the plaintiff for the injuries sustained. This include the medical expenses and the costs of upkeep until the plaintiff recovers from the injuries. The kind of torts which you need to be aware are as follow.
You need to recognize that intentional tort is one of the categories. A person who planned to injure a person will be deemed to have done intentional tort. It is prudent to learn that intentional torts are different from the civil and criminal cases. You will be seen to have done a criminal and civil act when what you have done goes against the interests of the society. When these acts are committed, it can result in jailing.
You should be aware of negligence as another tort a person can commit. In this tort, you injure a person but it was not on purpose. A person ought to be aware that this tort is committed when it was planned and there was no effort put to cushion you from getting injured. The important feature about the negligence is that it is the most common tort law. The profound example of negligence is the falling of a customer when he/she visits the premise as a result of being wet. The essential thing to note is that a business never committed the act on purpose and never took a step to cushion a customer from the injury. It is essential to note that slip and fall accidents fall in the category of negligence tort cases.
The important thing to note is that strict liability is grouped in the tort cases. You need to learn that this kind of tort does not allow a person to visit slippery place nor was it on purpose. It is possible that the victim might have committed the injury but the defendant will be held liable for the damages. You should be aware that if a company sells a defective product to a customer, the company would be held liable for the damages the product will cause.
You need to learn that injuries suffered in the past can make person to have a tort case. It would be good to take a step when you have a case to pursue it. The advantage of pursuing the case is that you will gain justice for the injuries suffered. It is possible to know if you have a case by seeking the guidance of a lawyer.

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