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Suffering from Hearing? Here are the Best Hearing Aids in 2018.

In the world today, most people are losing their hearing, 466 million people estimated so far and of that figure 34 million are children with the figures rising every year.

Hearing aids are so important and with the technology the devices are made better than before creating a better and normal life for the loss of hearing people.

One of the device is Phonak Audeo Marvel which is a multi-functional device and made for any Aid Phone Aid means that it connects to I Phone and other models too, television and other Blue tooth enabled devices,more about.

This device is made with rechargeable hearing aid and a power management feature, also it enables the users to steam without harming the battery life and has remote adjustments and a true hands free calling feature that is aided by Audio B Direct aiding you to hear with both ears making it easier for you to understand the caller.

The Bernafon Zerena 9 is another model that is made for people who suffer from hearing aid, it is made to connect well with Apple products and specifically made for people who have severe and mild hearing problems.

The Bernafon Zerena 9 device has better sound quality, clear and sharp sound quality and will even change the hearing settings when you change the environment.

When you have mild hearing problems, you can get the Pro Ears Pro Hear IV device since it costs less and will offer value for your money with some sufficient capabilities that will aid hearing, the amplifier is connected to the ear bud and pretty discreet though one does not have options of colors.

The Audicus Clara is another device suitable for people who have severe hearing loss made with different colors it is small and very inconspicuous but packed with advanced sound features that will let in the sound with more clarity,more about.

Another device is the Starkey Muse IQR which has a lithium battery that will go for about 30 hours when streaming and despite its small size the battery life is impressive and will last more than other devices and also a portable charging case,more about here.

One of the best tech hearing aids in 2018 is the ReSound Linx Quattro,more about and according to the manufacturer this device has the best quality features for hearing offering richer, fuller and clearer sound and a lithium battery for longer life.

If you are experiencing tinnitus the Phonak Audeo V is the right device and made to reduce the ringing in your ears and it is made to make hearing much better with an automatic program that will switch depending on the environment, more about here.

The Hi BTE Power Plus is a device that you can customize to fit your needs and has powerful features.