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The Best John Wayne Movies You Should Consider Watching
John Wayne is one of the most famous movie actors featuring in the “Stagecoach” and “True grit.” If you love John Wayne performances in these two movies you should look for other films featuring him. Here are movies featuring John Wayne that you have never seen.

The first movie featuring John Wayne that you have not seen yet is “In Harm’s Way” (1965). The plot of the movie is about a navy captain (played by John Wayne) who escapes the Pearl Harbor bombing unharmed. Here is a site that will aid you to know more about this movie.

The next movie starring John Wayne is “Words and Music” (1929). You will enjoy watching this movie although it is not the common acting genre of John Wayne. The movie tells a story of a college student who is competing for the top prize of the songwriting contest. The movie will, therefore, boost your spirit as you see the college student fight for attention and love.

You most likely have not watched “Hellfighters” (1968) by John Wayne. The plot is about a firefighter (played by John Wayne) who find it hard to find a balance between family and work. The conflict leads to his wife divorcing him and leaving with their daughter. In the course of the film, the firefighter is severely injured after an accident. The long-lost daughter visit him at the hospital offering a chance for them to rebuild their relationship. The movie will show you the struggle that people in dangerous occupations encounter and the challenge of having a normal relationship.

The next John Wayne movie to watch is “Chisum” (1970). The movie is a story of Chisum played by John Wayne who goes against the greedy investor who is buying all local stores. The plot shows a simple Chisum refusing to give up his ranch to a greedy investor.

The next movie featuring John Wayne is “Shepherd of the Hill.” The film plot is about how a father’s absence can cause a child to be resentful. The John Wayne’s character in this movie blames his father for his mother’s death. To know the live showings of this movie you should check this website. The plan is to know when and where you can watch “The Shepherd of the Hills” played out live.

You can use the internet to more movies starring John Wayne. The plan is to know the site that shows different movies made by John Wayne. The plan is to know enjoyable films made by John Wayne to watch at home. Thus, you will enjoy watching these films.