The Beginner’s Guide to

What you need To Know before applying and removing your car decal.

People love stickers especially in form of decals on their cars, no wonder the huge sale amounts every year. There is no better way that you can personalize your car or give it some personal touch than through the car decals. They range from the logos to your favorite sports, and anything else that you would like them to look like. When you decide to get them, there are gas stations, starts and even the online shopping which is the best because you have a variety to choose from. You however need to know how you can apply the car decals without damaging the car and here are some of the ways that you can go about it without ruining the painting job or warrying about it being permanent.

Pretty much anyone can do it professionally and get clean results as long as they have the right material and they follow the rules. The first thing will be to make the car as clean as possible to make sure that the decal sticks, and you need a bucket of water, window cleaner, a masking tape, vinyl graphics soap and car friendly cleaning cloth. The masking tape and the measuring tape to measure and mark where the decal will go, and the masking tape also ensure alignment of the decal placement.

Using the microfiber cloth or an auto body squeegee, you can then dry the clean spot that you will have thoroughly cleaned using the soapy water and the cleaning cloth. The next thing will be to peel and stick your custom decal and you need to be really careful here especially if there are thin lines that may rip or tear. A spray bottle or alcohol spray will help the decal last longer. The half and half method will ensure that you place the decal exactly the way that you want it to be and after all this is done, run a damp cloth and run it through the decal to make it a little wet so that it sticks.

To remove the decal, you need water, soap, a car-friendly cleaning cloth, and a window cleaner. A bucket of water, soap, a car-friendly cleaning cloth, and a window cleaner are the things that you need to remove the decal. When removing the decal, you need water, a car-friendly cleaning cloth, soap, and a window cleaner. Just as you did when applying it, you should give the car some scrub to make sure that the decal lifts slightly. Some heat, that you can get from a hair drier can really come in hand and all you need to do is run the heat over but not too close to the vehicle. After the lifting, you can then gently scrape the decal out with some dull item like a cd and not peal directly off the car or you will ruin the paint job. There will be traces of glue left in most cases, and they can easily come off with glue removal products, and then give the place a final wash. The personalization of the car will never get better than this and stickers.