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Important Information about the Whizzinator

For many people out there, the whizzinator is an important instrument with great benefits yet to other it draws negative thoughts. It is an instrument which is not clear on what its real use and purpose are for. Interestingly, the manufacturer is silent on what the application of this device is. Many critics are convinced that the manufacturer of the device had ill motives of helping people fact a drug test. There are those who have concluded it is an adults toy and they even go ahead to purchase it and try it on their intimate partner. This article will demystify the importance and uses of a whizzinator.

The whizzinator is an artificial gadget that bears a resemblance to the male private parts. It is able to perform some of the functions that a male’s private parts do in real life. If you had a glimpse of it as the user of this gadget used it to relieve themselves of a short nature call, you would never guess it is artificial. it is portable and the user can strap it on the waist and move around comfortably in it. Once the user follows instructions and straps it on their waste, the whizzinator aligns itself in the same position as male genitalia.

The tip of the iceberg is that the whizzinator has its own artificial synthetic urine powder that is sold with the device. The user of the whizzinator just needs to mix the synthetic powder with a specified quantity of water and it will turn into the urine. The user can pull the legs of anyone by releasing the whizzinator valve and allowing the synthetic urine to pass out as it would in a real male. The most amazing fact about this artificial urine is that it can pass for real urine. It smells, looks, got the same pH and temperature as that of a human. Because of the close proximity to the user’s body when it has been strapped on the waist, the artificial urine also warms up from the body temperature. If a sample of the synthetic urine is passed through a laboratory test, it would never be detected to be fake.

The whizzinator has got a valve button which is used to release the synthetic urine whenever necessary. The whizzinator valves are positioned either on the waist or the lower part of the make-believe genitalia and the buyer is free to select what is convenient for them. Different users want the valve on different positions and this is either on the genitalia or the waist.

Many people question the reasoning behind making the synthetic urine and selling it with the device. Many believe that the innovators perfected the resemblance of the synthetic urine to that of the human being in order to aid them to lie in a drug urine test. There is a lot of push and pull around the topic of synthetic urine. Although it is a private matter, urinating on one’s partner is considered foreplay for some couples.

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